Cérémonie de la Pierre

The Ceremony of Stone. When a pup is born into the pack, the parents are offered either a small, private ceremony or a public one if they so wish. It is suggested that the higher the rank, the more likely that the ceremony be done publicly.

For the ceremony itself, the parent(s) are presented with rocks that will fit in two hands that are often sea-smoothed and carved with the names of the pups born. These stones are then laid out against the wall of the meeting place so that the names of those born will be remembered.

Cérémonie de Verre

The Ceremony of Glass. When they turn 8 months, Princes and Princesses are presented with necklaces made of polished sea-glass to symbolize their entrance into adulthood. They are announced to the pack and they are expected to announce what they intend to pursue as they are now of age. It is not required that they do so at so early an age, but it helps packmates determine how they can best help teach them. The ceremony is concluded with either the sowing of flower seeds in the warm months or juniper berries in the winter to symbolize the vitality of the young by the new young adults.

Cérémonie de Fer

The Ceremony of Iron. When a canine reaches the higher levels of the Court, entering the Royal House or the Royal Court, they are honored with the Ceremony of Iron. Akin to the old traditions of Courts, they are tapped on both shoulders with a sword of iron. They are then presented with an item of use to their station or of high value depending on the rank. The ceremony denotes both the iron sword used and the steadfast and ironclad will that these members are expected to posses.

Cérémonie d'Argent

The Ceremony of Silver. This is the usual marriage ceremony with little variation. These are not necessarily required by the pack to declare mateships and are entirely voluntary. Silver in the form of jewelry is exchanged to denote the ceremony, though is not required if the ceremony is performed at all. Members of the pack are encouraged to attend and host the feast for the newlyweds.

Cérémonie d'Or

The Ceremony of Gold. When members of the Court die, they are honored with the ceremony. Depending on the season, members are encouraged to leave gold-themed items with the deceased, though it is mostly symbolic in name to honor a life lived. The services will often vary depending on the member's standing in the Court at the time of death, the wishes of the deceased's family, as well as the manner of death. Traitors do not receive the Ceremony of Gold and are not honored after death. Family may also forgo the ceremony for a funeral of their own choice.

Jardin de Rêves

Located in the northwestern portion of the territory, this is the location for the majority of the ceremonies performed in the court. It is an old park with converted building that functions as a meeting place. For more information, see its page on the wiki.