Along with proper shows of submission, all members of the Court are expected to properly address one another. Members should refer to one another by the formal rank and name combination until they have greeted one another. Whether or not the formal address continues into the meeting is dependent on the situation.

Who to use it with

The leadership prefers that in public settings, honorifics are used to show respect to higher ranking wolves. In private, they are much more willing to dispense with the formalities, provided that both parties are approving of the casual nature. Friends are free to treat each other as they will, but the leaders do warn that showing improper disrespect to someone of a higher rank can cause some in character issues!

Higher ranking members will set the tone; if they choose to use honorifics, lower ranking members are likely expected to as well, until such a time the higher ranking canine slips into casual titles.

Equals are not obligated to use honorifics at all. Eg. The Roi and Reine may choose to address each other by name or two Seigneurs may use names freely with one another.

Honorifics chart

Listed below is a chart of acceptable terms to use when addressing someone of a higher rank. It lists the types of titles to use, regardless of rank. It also applies for higher ranking canines addressing lower ranking canines; however, they may choose to simply use rank titles as they are not obligated to show respect to a lower ranked canine.

Titles Reference List
Rank Title, Your Majesty
Grand Councilors
Rank Title, Your Highness, Your Grace
Rank Title, Your Highness, Your Grace, (My) Lord/Lady
High Level Nobles
Rank Title, Your Grace, (My) Lord/Lady
Middle and Low Level Nobles
Rank Title, (My) Lord/Lady, Sir, Madam, Miss
Rank Title, Your Honor
As they are children, titles are not typically used with puppies.
Rank Title, Sir, Madam, Miss
Rank Title, Name
Rank Title, Peon, Name, Insults (they are the punished)
Using Honorifics
Various proper forms of address are:
  • Rank + Surname (ex. Queen Canine)
  • Rank + Full name (ex. Queen Dog Canine)
  • Rank + First name (ex. Queen Dog)
  • Your Majesty (Monarch only)