The Roi and/or Reine holds final say on anything and everything in character, and if the Royal intervenes and passes a judgement different than the Archiduc(hessa) or Grand-Gardien, the ruler's say is final. Rarely, however, should this happen. It is encouraged to be familiar with the following policies;


Trespassing is taking seriously, though punishment varies for degree of intent. Mostly, you will be expelled from the pack. If you are a part of another pack, your pack leader will be notified of your transgression and there may or may not be an OOC consequence. Must adhere to the board-wide trespassing policies. Leaders ask to be informed about trespassing events prior to them happening.


Guests from packs or groups that are not officially allied with the Court must be escorted by a host at all times unless otherwise discussed with leadership.


Theft between members of the court is advised against. If the victim complains, punishment will be dispensed. If the other party does not report it or ask that no action be taken, the perpetrator will be let off with a warning. Theft of other pack's possessions is advised against as well. If a pack comes demanding the items return or punishment, the leadership will act on it. Theft of a loner's possessions is free reign.


Acts of war that are declared against Cour des Miracles will normally be countered with one of our own. However, CDM retains a policy of nonaggression, preferring to stay out of conflicts. Unless the situation requires action, CDM should be considered a neutral party in any war setting. Repeated offense against the kingdom will result in aggressive action, however.


If a member of the kingdom commits a murder within the pack, that member will be removed from the pack, by force if necessary. A returning murderer kicked out prior can be killed or maimed with no warning. In certain situations, the offender may be executed if the crime was severe enough or seen as a danger to society. This is a duty that usually the ruler, Grand-gardien, or Sénéchal will perform.


Taken serious, no one should cry rape and then say it was a joke. Rape is not taken lightly at all, with the offender being banished from the kingdom. If the offender returns, they may be branded or any other fitting punishment decided by the Royal House. In severe circumstances, executions are possible, if the crime is severe enough, just as kidnap and forced sexual relations.


Kidnapping of anyone outside of a war setting will be punishable with rank deductions, serfdom, or exile from the kingdom.


Slavery is treated with zero tolerance. Any enslaving or trading of slaves is severely punished by the leadership. Slavers may expect branding, exile, or even death in severe cases; severe cases usually involve sexual activity against will or mutilation. Slaves confiscated are freed and given all rights in the pack should they choose to stay.