The Cour des Miracles game is a bonus way to obtain goodies merely by posting actively in the pack! We offer a variety of prizes as well as methods of obtaining points to 'purchase' said prizes.

Ways to Earn Points

There are several methods to earn points in Cour des Miracles. Threads may count for multiples of any of these so long as they do actually fit the description.

E.g. Wolf joins loner Dog's AW joiner. This nets Wolf ten (10) points for entering an AW thread, five (5) points for greeting a loner at the borders, and however many points earned for word count.

Word Count

300 500 800 1000
3 points 5 points 8 points 10 points
For every 100 words over 1000, add on an extra point. (eg. 1340 would be worth 13 points)

Top Poster

Top poster is announced via twitter within a few days of the rank shuffle being completed. Winners are listed in descending order from 1st to second.
[eg. Coyote (25), Wolf (23), and Jackal (19)]
1st 2nd 3rd Ties
15 points 10 points 5 points *
* Ties are noted for which place they are in, those winners would get same number of points.
[eg. Coyote + Wolf (22), etc.. Coyote and Wolf get 15 points]

In Character

2 Use Honorifics in a thread. One count per thread; you must be the one using the honorific for it to count for yourself.
5 Start an AW (All Welcome) thread in CdM territory. One count per thread.
10 Join an AW (All Welcome) thread in CdM territory. One count per thread.
5 Join a mandatory pack thread with at least one post.
10 Join a non-mandatory pack thread with at least one post.
20 Create a leader approved pack thread.
5 Greet a loner at the borders, regardless if able to accept loners.
10 Use your already earned profession in a thread
15 Complete a profession thread. Completion rules apply.
20 Complete a rank specialization thread. Completion rules apply.
15 Complete a thread involving the duties of your profession or specialization - does not include threads used to obtain profession or specialization. Completion rules apply.

Out of Character

2 Vote for 'Souls and post. Counts for each day you vote and post.
5 Contribute to the 'Souls Wiki. Must link to the changes page.
Also includes Cross-Pack Wiki Game participation.
5-10+ Create art or pride images for the court. Lower point values are assigned to things like buttons and higher point values are given to detailed works of art, on the discretion of the leaders.
15 Create art or graphics for another member of CDM.
15 Join CdM out of character. †
25 Join CdM in character. †
† Only one of these may be claimed at the time of joining. Either you joined in character or out of character, not both.
100 Join with an adoptable into CdM.
75 Join with an established (2+ months) loner.
75 Recruit an established (2+ months) loner to join CdM. They must explicitly say that you were the one to recruit them for this to count.
50 Recruit someone (not counting the above) to join CdM. They must explicitly say that you were the one to recruit them for this to count.


10+ Check out our thread prompts for another way to get points. 25 Check out the CdM Gems, a catacomb game.


All prize requests must be submitted to the maintenance thread.
100 150 200 400
Title Change or Move Icon Change or Move Title, 3 months Title, permanent
350 550 700 2000
Custom icon, 3 months Custom icon, permanent Avatar drawn by Gen Nat Avatar Commission (or equal)
If you need help, please take a look at the custom title and icon guide for help. Leadership may help code a title but it is preferred that you have your desired code ready to go.

Please note that completion rules do not apply for game points unless otherwise specified. Make sure to take a look at the completion rules page for further information.

It is also helpful if you keep track of your points either in a thread or a google doc so that all of your information is there in a concise and neat manner. We will not accept just a number with no link to proof of earning said points. If you use a google doc, please feel free to link it to us and we will check it ourselves periodically. Make sure to note any point purchases to keep numbers correct!

Submit points & request prizes