Thread Prompts

Interested in getting some more points for completing thread prompts? Or would you just like to participate more in the Court? Either way, these are some monthly rotating prompts that are worth ten (10) points each, with a bonus twenty-five (25) points for completing all five of the regular thread prompts for a given month.

August Thread Prompts

Basic Prompts

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Special Prompts

These are prompts that relate to a specific type of specialization. You do not need to be of that particular specialization in order to do the prompt.

  • Completion rules apply to thread prompts.
  • Threads for prompts do not need to be archived or completed in the month they are from. Try not to wait too long to submit them though!
  • Both participants of a prompt thread may claim points
  • Prompts may count toward promotion threads and gem threads.
  • A thread may only claim the use of ONE prompt for points, even if the thread uses multiple prompts.
  • You are allowed two (2) read-only or self-threads per prompt month. We encourage threading with other people to help them earn prompt points and participating together in the pack.
  • The special prompts are worth ten (10) points but does not count toward the bonus for completing the main prompts. It often pertains to a tier of Nobles.