As our pack games and ranks require quite a few threads, there are a few standard policies to follow. Things that require these rules will often state it and link back to this page for reference.

  • All threads must have at least 1000 words in order to count for completion. These are per person, not per thread.
    • This applies to RO and Self-Threads unless otherwise stated. For example, you may do a read-only or self-thread for thread prompts. You are still expected to follow completion rules for it.
  • You do not need to finish the thread (ie archive it) in order to claim points. Once you meet the requirements, you are able to claim any points earned.

Where it applies

These rules apply on the following pages:

  • Noble Specialization threads - ie promotion threads.
  • Profession threads - ie co-rank threads.
  • On select Gems - they are noted on the gem description.
  • Game threads - they are noted in the point description.
  • Prompt threads.
  • Please make sure to see the above pages for more details and restrictions on threads viable for submission.



For our game, you earn points. How do you submit them? How do you keep track of them?

    Keeping track of points
  • Do whatever works for you! If you like keeping track on the wiki, you can make a post log on your character's page. You can also create a post log on 'Soul's Post Log Forum. There are plenty of templates available.
  • The Cour des Miracles prefers if members submit a google doc spreadsheet with their points, if that is their preference. This is merely so that we can update the points on a monthly basis ourselves without you needing to poke us!

  • Submitting points to the leadership
  • Submit links to your spreadsheet, game point tallies, or simply list the threads (in a clean, orderly fashion) in our maintenance thread. We will typically get to your request as soon as we can.


    Keeping track of threads
  • All that applied for points, applies for threads. However, through personal experience, we have noted it is simply easier to note on a spreadsheet if that thread is for a prompt or rank, etc.., or in a post. If your memory is fantastic, you're welcome to just remember!

  • Submitting your threads
  • In order for your threads to count, we prefer it if you sent them in to our maintenance thread. Make sure you clearly state what the threads are for, or else we will not know what you want!