The Court's advancement systems is similar to those you may have seen before, with some exceptions and modifications. This only really applies if you are even interested in ranking up in the Court's system, though it can provide more opportunities for your character!

Welcome to the court

So you've joined the Court and are interested in moving up in the ranks. What do you need to do, and what do you need to know?

  • A Seigneur may be promoted to Monsieur/Madam if they demonstrate good activity by posting. The numbers vary at times, but shooting for ~10 or more posts will ensure a promotion.
  • Seigneurs, Monsieurs, and Madams are expected to help out in the pack and build their good standing to further promote themselves up the ranks.
  • The ultimate goal of a commoner is to be made a noble. They may enter nobility if they are considered active IC and OOC (post counts), and it may take more than two months from joining to be admitted into the ranks. This is to encourage participation between your packmates!


So you've made it into a specialization rank, now what? A whole world has opened up!

  • Nobles are still activity based promotions and demotions, but once a noble, it is unlikely that a low noble will be returned to Monsieur or Madam unless they are incredibly inactive.
  • Nobles may hold unlimited professions.
  • Nobles at the top of the hierarchy, held for several months, may be considered for further elevation into the council ranks, which comes with more responsibilities IC and perhaps some OOC as well.

Royal Court

The top tiers of the Court. The Royal Court are considered councilors of their respective ranks. They assist the leaders with minor administrative work and help monitor their subordinates, guiding and helping as necessary.

  • These ranks are only filled at the discretion of the leadership, based on good IC standing and good post numbers.
  • There may be additional OOC duties assigned, and it is expected that members of the Royal Court participate in pack plots or offer non-mandatory events now and again.

Royal House

The leaders of the Court. These are members picked to fulfill leadership duties within the pack, which means they must be approved by the 'Souls Assemblage. Asking to be a leader decreases likelihood that you will be considered for the job!

Puppies & Elderly

Pups are the children of the Court. They are expected to do all the learning they can to be good adults to the pack, but are very leniently disciplined on the principle that they are still young. They are automatically promoted to either Seigneur or Monsieur/Madam when they first shift or reach 8 months, whichever is sooner.

Ancien are the venerable elders. They may not, however, work at being promoted through the ranks again. It is an absolutely final destination for any adult over the age of seven that chooses to forgo ambition.

Activity Checks

Cour des Miracles does a monthly activity check, often at the end or start of a month; it's not always constant. But there are several things we look at to determine activity; number of posts, and last post. This only really applies to promoting from Seigneur/Monsieur/Madam or considering demotions. Low post counts or frequent appearances on the removal list may result in demotions for your character. For every check, the top three post counts receive points; for more information, see the game information.

Poor 0 - 4 posts per month
Average 5 - 10 posts per month
Good 11 - 15 posts per month
Excellent 16+ posts per month



Serf is typically based both on low counts and in character circumstances. However, members may be demoted to serf for violating rules in character despite high counts.


Nobles that are at the low end of the chain for several months (3) are demoted from the nobility and must rise again. Depending, they may even lose any specializations.