Joining Policies

Interested in joining the Court? First of all, welcome! Cour des Miracles will accept both in character and out of character joining. Please Note: The leadership prefers to do in character joining. Pack NPC's and Adoptables can join the Court out of character when able.


First, you must have been accepted by the 'Souls Assemblage in the joining forum following standard procedures. Regardless of if you are joining in character or not, you must complete this step. For questions regarding the joining process, make sure to follow the guidelines listed in that forum or send a private message to the 'Souls Assemblage.

OOC Joining

When joining Cour des Miracles out of character, simply make sure you fill out the 'souls joining form to say OOC and a leader will accept you after a staff member has approved your application. After a leader has accepted you, you may start to post on in the pack forums, even if you have not been completely titled up (unless you can't due to permission issues, to which we say hurry up smelly admins).

IC Joining

If you are a new member to CDM, we do appreciate it if you join in character. It helps to create a reference point for both leaders and the joinee simply because this way we don't have to assume something happened and it helps keep things clear. Ambiguity can cause problems! Simply post a joining, in character, thread in the forum and a leader should respond fairly soon.

We would like to inform new joiners that disrespect during this first contact may cause a leader to decline your joining request or put you in a lower rank than our entry subordinate rank. Extreme disrespect in the eyes of the leaders will result in an immediate rejection and perhaps a warning to stay away.

Members are expected to be in Optime in the pack, but we do not discourage other forms - this is only due to the nature of the pack and our court-like system.


If you are dropping a character from CDM or moving them, you must, must, must tell the leadership of it or else you will get into a lot of hot water. We don't stalk your character, and often enough we miss blurbs in the player update forum. With the new drop thread, we still require a pm even if you post your desire to npc in that thread. If we do not hear about it from you, your character WILL be dropped.

Rank Shuffles

Rank shuffles are done at the end of every month. The leaders keep a list of the minimum post requirements to keep your rank or promote you, as well as the cut-off number for members to be demoted at. If you are the absentee list, this is taken into account while doing the shuffle. There will be an announcement every time there is a rank shuffle. Sometimes it won't be on the first or last of every month; we're busy folk but we get it out as quickly as possible!

Promotion & Demotion

With our new rank system, you may or may not be promoted. Several factors are taken into account with promotion, such as character personality, post activity, leader recognition. We also take any negative actions into account that would be known to the leadership when promoting and demoting accordingly.

We do take into account past activity, as well as any absences you have posted officially on the forum. If you do not mention that you are scarce or you have limited access, we will not take this into account. You must, must, must, report it on the official absence thread for us to take to take it into consideration.


If you are leaving for an extended amount of time, we can put your character as an NPC. This means they will not gain a rank nor lose one while you are away. An extended amount of time is 4 weeks or more, as decided by the 'Souls Assemblage. However, if you are gone for more than the agreed or decided time, we hold the right to remove you from the rank lists. And by being gone, we mean you have been gone for a month plus since the end of our agreed NPC time.

If you do not tell us about NPC'ing a character and post in the official Drop thread, your character will not be npc'd. Your character will be dropped completely for not following policy.

NPC Companions

We follow the 'SA policy for NPC non-canine and canine companions.