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Welcome to the Court

Created by a group of outcasts and misfits, Cour des Miracles lies on the east coast of Nova Scotia, all the way from the Witch's Cauldron down to the Shiloh hills. Part of the southern packs, Cour des Miracles has an easy friendship with the other packs in the area. As the names suggest, we are a kingdom, an assortment of all sorts from mutts to purebred wolves. All are accepted and few are turned away from the borders.

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About this site & the Court

This site is dedicated to informing potential members and current members of how the kingdom functions, what the rules are, and other information that may be useful.


They make no judgements based on species and breed. They have a tendency to house more dogs and dog-hybrids than any other type of canine. They welcome all types of canine.


Cour des Miracles has laid claim to a large stretch of the Shattered Coast. The rocks and sands of the beaches make up a good chunk of the land, though as one travels further inland there are lush meadows and woodland. The most prized possession of the pack is the Pirata Grotto, one of the most unique places on the coast of Nova Scotia. The land is riddled with caves on the coast and quaint houses further in. The caves provide excellent cover and trespassers would do well to be wary of a sneak attack if their intentions are not pure.


Cour des Miracles was originally founded by Jacquez Trouillefou and Svara Thames on 27 May 2009 with the vision of a pack that would be home to all mutts and misfits. The original founding members included: Firefly Sadira, Haven Aatte, Ruri Aceline, and Leroy. It has gone through several leader changes in its short history, and experienced several conflicts.

Pack Details
Pack Name Cour des Miracles
Abbreviation CdM
Demonym Courtier(s)
Established May 27, 2009
Theme Tentative D'enlevement
Colours Goldenrod (#DAA520)
Midnight (#191970)
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