Current Leadership

The current leaders of CDM, who they are, who their players are, and how to best reach them! Make sure you note the contact information and kindly adhere to our contact requests!

Contact Information

  1. If you need some routine maintenance, such as submitting points, requesting titles or icons, or anything of that nature, should be sent to our maintenance thread to keep things orderly.
  2. If you are not picky with who answers your questions, feel free to send a private message to our pack account. Please note that sometimes responses are less forthcoming and may not be answered as quickly.
    • Please title your private messages accordingly; make it concise and about what you want, in order to help us address your questions, concerns, and problems in a more timely manner!
    • Try to make sure everything relevant to your problem is included in your private message, to help speed up the process and let us know exactly what you want from us!
  3. If you really need a quick response, send a private message to either of the leader's account directly. We will do our best to get you a resolution quickly, but we do prefer any pack relevant information is sent to the pack account instead of personal accounts unless you really need that urgent reply.

Reine Kalypso Savoy

OOC Information:

Name: Gen

About me: Hey guys! I am the second leader of CDM. I've been leading the Court since Fall 2011, and have helped to do a lot of the behind the scenes things you don't see like coding, maintenance requests, and other small such things. I am very easy to reach if you need to catch me, and am always happy to offer up plots if you are ever interested. I can be a slower poster due to being an ~*~ adult ~*~ with a job and familial responsibilities.

Please don't be afraid to send me a PM or a message on AIM. I really don't bite and am pretty happy to answer any questions you may have about me, the pack, the requirements, or thread requests. I love hearing from my pack members about ideas and plots. As I said, I am relatively timely with answers to PM, but am often on AIM - I also receive messages offline if you need me, though I do have a phone with access to the internet. Have questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

IC Information:

Name: Kalypso Savoy - WIKI

DOB: February 29th, 2016

Residence: Chien Hotel

Kalypso came with the intention of becoming Queen, but the usurper came and stole her thunder. After the new Queen, Mistral, proved to be a dividing force in the pack, Kalypso rose up and brought down the usurper, took the throne herself while revealing her heritage as the daughter of the longest reigning King.

Archiduchessa Abigail Sadira

OOC Information:

Name: Rat

About me: Hi Courtiers! I’ve been on ‘Souls since 2012ish and an OOC Manager/sub-leader of the Court since late 2016 when Gen lured me in with the promise of muffins. I’m almost always on Discord for casual chatter and you can also get hold of me via PM on Abigail Sadira’s account, though I’d suggest PMing the CdM OOC account if you want an official answer on anything ;)

I’m always up for a juicy plot or just a light-hearted thread full of silliness and I love helping newcomers get settled in, so please feel free to reach out for a thread with one of my Courtiers!

IC Information:

Name: Abigail Sadira - WIKI

DOB: June 6th, 2013

Residence: Chien Hotel

Born in Vinátta, Abigail moved to the Court as a youth and (eventually) ended up working her way through the Domestic ranks while her Father, Silvano Sadira, was King - later becoming Grand-Duchessa herself. A benevolent and empathetic leader, Abi has a strong sense of duty towards her family and the Court as a whole, and she does her best to be a listening ear or a shoulder for people to cry on. She can commonly be found in the Chien Hotel’s kitchens or at the stables.

Contact Gen

  • Time Zone: Central - Current Time
  • PM: Private Message
  • AIM: Send IM
  • Preference: I prefer to be contacted via PM for pack & specific plot conversation. I am also very easy to reach via AIM, but would prefer if this was for casual or more intent plotting!

Contact Rat

  • Time Zone: Greenwich Mean - Current Time
  • PM: Private Message
  • Discord: Rat#0772
  • Preference: PM for pack and plot specific ideas (I have a terrible memory for conversations!); Discord for more casual chatter and pokes.