CdM Chat

Interested in joining CdM? Want to talk things over with current members? Now, there is a place you can do it!

Chat Rules & Policies

Pack Members Only

The chat is for current or prospective members of the Court. If you have no intention to join, or leave the pack, you will be removed.

  • Prospective members need to be joining with the month in order to stay in chat.
  • Chat is swept every month for non-members.

Chat Rules

We do have a few rules you are agreeing to by using CdM's chat. Breaking any of Cour des Miracles chat’s rules may result in the offending member being kicked from chat, either temporarily or indefinitely. In addition, 'Souls RPG's boardwide rules apply. Harassment, drama, disrespect, etc. will not be tolerated and will be reported to the administration.

  1. Please make sure that all discussion adheres to the PG-13 rating of the board.
    • We are comfortable with swearing, cursing, innuendo, and dirty jokes, though we ask that you keep in mind the age of our members and the nature of the conversation. We do not want to restrict your fun!
    • Mature topics and heavy themes that could potentially make members uncomfortable that are not likely to be discussed openly in OOC boards or outside of Open Letters and private conversations do not belong in the chat. You never know how someone might react to a graphic topic! As such, we ask that you take these sorts of conversations to Open Letters or to private messages.
    • However, if someone is uncomfortable by a topic that may not be considered heavy or mature for most other players, please respect people's requests for cessation of a certain conversation. You never know why it bothers them, only that it does! Be courteous!
  2. Chat discussion should focus on in-pack events and things that revolve around relevant characters.
    • Not to say that any other discussion is barred from the chat, merely that the majority of conversation should focus on it!
    • Topics about other pack characters in passing or in small amounts is perfectly alright, though any in-depth conversation should be taken to private chat or to that pack's respective group chat if they have one.
    • If a non-pack related conversation is going on, and someone wants to talk pack ideas, it would be considered respectful to take the off topic conversation out of chat or to address pack-related concerns first.
  3. Spam and External Media
    • Avoid sending excessive amounts of image links. These can severely slow down computers and phones, which can be extremely annoying!
    • Sending video links is acceptable but please warn people if there is any excessive swearing. Mature linksshould not be shared in chat.
    • Please avoid sending excessive amounts of singular messages or otherwise attempting to fill a 'quiet' chat. People can be busy, too!
    • Example:
      (1:00) Sally: Hey guys
      (1:02) Sally: I like cake
      (1:05) Sally: Man I wish I had a bicycle
      (1:09) Sally: Gabriel really sucks, he's such a mean 'yote
      (1:12) Sally: I really want to eat cake on a bicycle
      (1:14) Sally: I wish I could dance better
      (1:16) Sally: :D
      (1:19) Sally: :c
      (1:22) Sally: 8U
      This can be annoying, so try to avoid simply filling in silences with random comments! Random is fun, random to take up space is not!

How to Join

Cour des Miracles chat is hosted on Discord. If you are interested in joining the general 'Souls chat, please check the information here.

Then what?

PM the leadership to join, and you will be added!