Joining Policies

Interested in joining the Court? First of all, welcome! Cour des Miracles currently accepts In Character joining for characters who are new to the Court. Please see Out of Character Joining below. Pack NPC's, absentee NPCs and Adoptables can join the Court Out Of Character.

Joining Methods

First, you must have been accepted by the 'Souls Assemblage in the joining forum following standard procedures. Regardless of if you are joining in character or not, you must complete this step. For any questions regarding the joining process, make sure to check the guidelines listed in that forum, or send a private message to the 'Souls Assemblage if further inquiry is necessary.

Joining the Court

Interested in joining the Court in character? Great! Make sure you go through the standard joining procedure for the board. Then, whenever you are ready, start a thread in our forum using the joining symbol in your thread. A leader or higher ranking member will respond soon to your request. After a bit of back and forth, the leader will accept your character and you will be free to start posting as a member of the Court. You may collect points for your joining thread.

Joining Form

The following form is only necessary if your character will have a cNPC or any animal NPC's that we will need to add to the wiki or ranks.

More Information

Cour des Miracles' leadership would like to inform new joiners that disrespect during this first contact may cause a leader to decline your joining request or put you in a lower rank than our entry subordinate rank. Extreme disrespect in the eyes of the leaders will result in an immediate rejection and perhaps a warning to stay away. Violence at the borders is met with equal retaliation and your character will be seen as a threat.

Members are expected to be in Optime form in the pack, but we do not discourage other forms - this is only due to the nature of the pack and our court-like system. It is often seen as strange to come to the borders and request to join in a four-legged form, as leaders often appear in Optime to the borders.

Still have questions about joining? Send a PM to our pack account and a leader will contact you shortly!


Cour des Miracles has a history of high levels of mixed breed, high dog blood. However, they do not discrimate based on blood and are accepting of anyone who may not fit in elsewhere.

Not Accepted

  • Murderers, thieves, liars, rapists, arsonists, and all manner of violent, unsocial people. There are other packs for these options.
Out of Character Joining

Cour des miracles does not accept out of character joining for new characters. Only characters that are current NPC's may join out of character. This is so that leadership and members can interact with a prospective joiner before accepting them into the pack.

Joining Form

This form is only necessary for those of you with cNPC's or animal NPC's that will need to be added to the ranks or wiki

Did you know?

Featured adoptables come with lots of awesome perks! These include, but are not limited to; existing pack relations, ooc joining, an already established co-rank and a whopping 150 game points!! Read More »