Professions are Cour des Miracle's co-ranks. They function the same way and are secondarily earned to your main rank in the pack. They are not necessary nor are you obligated to get them. They are only meant to be more specialization for your character to earn and fulfill a purpose in the pack! They are divided into the four rank tiers, as each applies best for a certain skill range.


  • You must have two (2) threads in order to claim a profession. They do not need to be finished, but should follow completion rules and must be submitted to the maintenance thread.
  • Commoners may only hold one profession. Nobles may have an unlimited number of professions.
  • Profession threads may not be resubmitted for specializations.
  • RO's are not permitted for profession submissions.

Custom Professions

Do you not see your desired profession or is your profession a little out of the ordinary? Let us know ahead of time if you would like to pursue a custom profession, and we will give you the go ahead if it's not encompassed within something else entirely.


All the professions are divided into thematic tiers to make it easier to browse for skill sets. By no mean do you need to stick to one type of profession. Threads for professions should revolve around the basic background for the co-rank. There is no limit on the number of people that may hold the same profession.

Domestic Professions

Co-Rank Description
Chef A great cook, the chef is in charge of making the meals and planning them for big occasions. They are skilled at making food, often for big feasts and parties. They may ask for help from Chevaliers and lower.
Tailor Skilled in crafting garments, the tailor know show to make things and makes them well. They tend to take old clothes and redesign them or make things from scratch if they truly have the skill for it.
Almoner A social worker, They are counselors and may work with the Chaplain to assist people. They are like a therapist, social worker, and counselor rolled into one, working in a secular manner.
Nanny The babysitter of the pack; they watch over the young while the adults do their duties. They play with, feed, and amuse the children that are under their hand, and are expected to begin the education process of the young
Lautari A well versed musician, the Lautari can play an instrument, or a multitude of them. They are often the entertainers of the pack, and perform on big occasions such as feasts or parties.
Apothecary They work closely with a medic to help make and distribute cures, balms, unguents, oils, and salves. They may also deal with the merchant to get more uncommon plant items or with the horticulturist to grow their own herbs.
Medic They are the on the spot emergency helpers. They are much like EMT's in that they carry needle and thread, gauze, bandages, and other emergency items. They are also the canines who help during child birth and labor, and often will help diagnose a canine.
Artiste The misunderstood creators of the pack. They specialize in some sort of fine art and they just work to create art to trade or use.
Horticulturist A gardener or planter, the horticulturist grows plants and knows everything about how to take care of them. They may consider starting projects like a greenhouse for winter or converting an old one into functionality again. They work with the apothecary and the chef to provide plants for food and medicine, as well as decoration for those interested.
Bonne A maid, pure and simple. They work to clean and maintain things such as the common areas of the pack (ie the Hotel's common rooms, the cellar, training grounds, etc..) and help clean.

Labor Professions

Co-Rank Description
Marshall The head of the stables, the Marshall is in charge of the entire rodeo. They monitor the stablehands, train them and other interested canines. This person is also responsible for acquiring feed, care, and any other needs a horse might have.
Blacksmith Capable of using forges and other manner of common smithing processes to make simple metal tools such as hammers, shovels, nails, and horseshoes. They are also capable of basic repair of metallic items.
Mason This wolf is the one who knows his way around wood and construction. Typically works with the Blacksmith for the production of nails and hammers to assist with wood working projects. The wood-worker will help with taking down walls and building small things like storage sheds, shacks, and room dividers. For bigger building projects, the Mason may call on the pack to help provide the labor needed.
Fisherman Fishing for the bounty of the sea and stream, the fisherman is a capable hunter of fish and aquatic life. They can use various forms of capture items such as poles, nets, and traps.
Aviculturist This is the Court's bird keeper. They can manage and deal with a variety of birds, ranging from birds of prey to messenger birds. They train and take care of these birds, and utilize them for the Court's usage.
Potter Educated in clay working, this canine can make various holding items made of clay. They may also be able to glaze and decorate these items to provide a good source of easily replaceable bowls, plates, and jugs.
Chandler Maker of candles, they are capable of bringing light to the Court. They should know how to make a variety of candles. They are also in charge of storing them and keeping track of how many candles are available in the storage facilities.
Brewer Booze! And more booze! The brewer creates alcohol, hop based or otherwise distilled. While not the most exalted of members, this canine has the all important task of supplying the drinkers with drink and to trade the commodity for other resources.
Stablehand Help the Marshall in caring for the horses, mucking stalls, and maintaining horse equipment. They are expected to be comfortable around horses and wiling to learn their work. They may also be used to assist less equine savvy canines become acquainted with horses or with their gear.
Huntsman The hunter is trained to increase success rates while hunting. Very capable hunters, they provide the majority of communal meat, especially for those who are not able to provide for themselves. Specialized Huntsman may use horseback to hunt with a bow and arrow, others may employ the use of nets, traps, or birds.

Information Professions

Co-Rank Description
Spy The spy deals with getting information from other packs; they use subterfuge and lies to get information out of members of other packs, and loners. They may infiltrate packs, but it is highly encouraged for a spy to never reveal pack of origin. This member must be highly loyal and skilled to avoid detection.
Clerk Records everything that comes through the pack. They tend to work with the cellar and storage buildings to make sure enough food or extra items are available and properly recorded. They may help a historian or librarian keep records or write down notes for them.
Librarian In charge of the library, this canine does record keeping about the books, and keeps a steady list of people who borrow books. They may also come knocking on doors if a book is kept far too long or returned in poor condition.
Historian Take care of the history of the Court; they know everything about the past, even if some sneaky personal details escape them. If a question arises about the past, the Historian is the first one to approach as they are expected to keep a detailed history, either in memory or on paper.
Chaplain Serviceman to the faith of the pack, this canine is expected to be open minded about faith and provide spiritual help to members who need it. They can be of any faith but are not allowed to actively convert members; they are counselors of a sort.
Linguist Skilled in different languages, preferably more than the native language and a second language, this is a canine who can communicate between different cultures or even between levels of communication. They may be able to communicate via low speech as well.
Merchant Traders serve to peddle communal wares as well as trade for more things inside of the pack. They may have a caravan or horse, and travel to different packs or hub locations to dispense with goods and obtain things the pack or fellow members might need for various occupations. They will work with clerks and other record keepers to make sure everything is properly maintained.
Ambassador Official representatives of the Court to other packs, the ambassador MUST maintain a good relationship with leadership and members of various packs, as well as the Court's. They are often sent on missions to ensure good will and trade, often to southern packs.
*There may be more ambassadors, depending on the relationship between a potential ambassador and any current packs. Packs may be assigned to ambassadors in this case.
Scout The scout learns the lay of the land and the general information readily available to anyone. They may go publicly to a pack and ask for information, or may simply check out the lay of the land around them. They are often sent ahead during times of war to carefully check areas.
Scavenger Very clever, a scavenger may go through old ruins and come out with an armful of treasures. They are the ones who will comb beaches for pretty shells and sea glass, or through human buildings for rare items left behind in nooks and crannies.

Military Professions

Co-Rank Description
Master of Arms In charge of both the storage of weaponry and the distribution of weapons. The Master of Arms will also keep track of weapons and maintain them; they must be knowledgeable in an assortment of weaponry.
Marksman Master The best archer, this canine is in charge of the archers, rangers, and fletcher. They are expected to train potential members in a ranged weapon as well as encourage practices.
Tactitian This canine is very skilled in planning fights and guiding warriors to where they need to be. They also provide general strategy for the Court, and lay down plan of actions, as well as on the spot tactical changes.
Fletcher This canine creates all the arrows for the pack. They are expected to keep track of arrow stock, as well as the materials needed to craft them.
Archer A canine skilled in the bow specifically for combat, though they may often use their skills for hunting as well.
Ranger While not skilled in bows, a ranger is capable of using other long range weaponry. More skilled at tracking.
Brawler Capable of fighting in Optime with only his fists and claws. They have honed their natural ability to use themselves as weapons.
Venatores Skilled in Lupus battle, these canines utilize the primal form, including Secui, to do battle and let natural instincts rule the day.
Legionary Infantry soldiers, legionaries specialize in close range weaponry such as swords, glaives, staves, and other weapons. They may also carry a shield if able, though that is mostly for show.
Equites Experts in mounted combat, an Equites may be skilled at archery on horseback or fighting from the saddle with a weapon. They may also train their horses to do battle as well.