Cirque de Miracles

Cirque de Miracles is the Court's latest development following the caravan that visited them once more in the summer of 2016 for the pack's birthday. The plan was hatched after two members of the caravan joined in the early winter. It serves as a means of bringing traders from the Court to other packs that may never actually interact with the Court directly. They bring entertainment once or twice a year and encourage diplomatic relationships as well as trade ventures between guests and hosts.


The higher ranked members in the caravan. Their presence makes things run smoother for everyone else. They organize the shows, shmooze with the packs hosting them, and ensure relations are maintained through excellent production values.


The host of the show, does the announcing, organizing, and general work for the Caravan. Must be a competent member of the court, long present, and well respected. They are likely high ranking nobles in the main ranks and have shown their loyalty frequently.

Stage Leader

The second-in-command, this person assists the Ringmaster and operates in their place whenever the Ringmaster is incapable of it themselves. They are also well regarded in the pack, though often their contributions to the caravan are considered first before pack contributions.


These canines may hold co-ranks as ambassadors to other packs, and are often encouraged to as a supplement to their duties. Ambassadors are considered highly qualified for these ranks, especially as in this role, they fulfill an ambassador's duties for the Caravan, and may mediate between host packs and caravan.


Canines that provide excellent care to guests by organizing food, comfort, light, anything that anyone may need. They are the greatest of shmoozers and socializers, as they are expected to subtly entertain the guests. These canines may also operate as covert gatherers of information for the pack.


The main act! These are people who can dance, sing, perform, or tumble, anything to entertain the crowd and keep them happy. The circus can have an unlimited number of either one.

Including, and not limited to belly dancers, fire dancing, ballet, and other forms of dancing.

Including, and not limited to, singers, guitarists, percussionists, and more.

Including, and not limited to, tumblers, jugglers, aerialists, and knife-throwers.


Perhaps not the most highlighted members, but they are nontheless crucial to the Caravan's mission as they encourage wealth and safety. There are an unlimited number of these caravaners.


Canines that hawk wares of Court goods, or others, for a profit or for equal value in more highly considered packs. They are very important for the continued productivity of the Caravan.


For the safety of others, the guards keep an eye on performances, on rowdy audiences, and make sure no thieves bother the traders in selling their goods.


Do you think you have what it takes to join our Circus? Send the leadership a PM to begin the recruitment process!

Thread Requirements

All threads must follow completion rules to qualify.

  • 1 thread being recruited for the troupe.
  • 2 threads demonstrating your character's abilities in their chosen rank.
  • 1 thread prompt which will be personally assigned by the caravan's leaders following completion of the first three threads.