Specializations are more commonly referred to as a professional focus, as they center around certain co-ranks and centering ones role in the pack around that or those professions.


Obtaining a professional focus is difficult, but the prestige is well worth it. A noble with a professional focus is superior to a noble of the same rank without a focus.

Upon obtaining a focus, the noble takes on the extra title and get an icon added to their account.

Prompts provided below each focus are only suggested prompts that could be used. You are not obligated to use those particular prompts. Some co-ranks might apply to different focuses, too. If you have any questions, make sure to ask leadership for clarification!


  • Complete five (5) threads that would or could be applied to the professions in that focus.
    • Threads must have either 1200 words or 5 posts by the submitting player.
    • Threads do not need to be finished or archived to count for submission.
    • Only two (2) RO or self-threads are permitted
    • You may not reuse co-rank threads for focuses.
  • Character may only use threads obtained after becoming a noble.
  • Character must have one (1) corank that falls under that specialization already.
  • Characters may only hold one professional focus at a time.

Professional Focuses

Focus Name Possible Coranks Prompt Suggestions

La Créatrice

musicians, painters, jewelrycrafter
  1. Start a work of art or craft, does not need be completed in thread
  2. Give an artistic gift to someone.


crafters, blacksmith, chandler
  1. Make something with your craft, well done or not.
  2. Make something specifically for another person by request or as a present.
  3. Check the quantity of your particular skill’s goods to determine what you can add

Le Médecin

Medic, Apothecary
  1. Handle a medical emergency that can be as mild as a bad cut or as severe as a near-fatal wound
  2. Gather medical material, organize what you have, or request a trading run to the outpost for rare goods


farmers, brewer, horticulture
  1. Prepare the earth for growing or harvest the fruits of your labor
  2. Prepare the things collected as needed (make wine, beer, flour, etc)


Aviculture, Animal husbandry, Shepards
  1. Rescue an errant animal from danger. Did they escape a paddock or get let loose?
  2. Take care of a sick animal, regardless of if they recover or not

Le Clerc

Religion Related
  1. Preach your faith to another person, if solely informative or by attempting to convert
  2. Run a religious ceremony as needed


Merchant, Ambassador, Spy
  1. Gather information by any means as is pertinent to you
  2. Make a good deal for the pack

Le Savant

Clerk, Librarian, Historian, Linguist
  1. Gather domestic information as is pertinent to your character's skills
  2. Find discrepancies in data and seek to either rectify it or understand why it was not documented

Le Ranger

Archers, Fletcher, Scout
  1. Train with your weapon of choice, alone or with a companion
  2. Take care of your weapons or do other maintenance work

Le Chevalier

armed fighters, knights, equestrians
  1. Train with your weapon of choice, alone or with a companion
  2. Take care of your weapons or do other maintenance work

Le Frontalier

Hunter, Fisher, Woodsman, Forager
  1. Gather forestry goods such as wild meat, plants, or fish
  2. Prepare or treat your haul as appropriate (smoking, salting, drying)

Le Cogneur

Unarmed combat in any form
  1. Fight in an unarmed fight, winning or losing
  2. Teach another person the skills needed to fight unarmed

Le Bonheur

nanny, maid, almoner, chef
  1. Take care of the domestic living spaces, cleaning etc..
  2. Take care of another person's wellbeing in a non-medical way

Le Pirate

Scavenger, thief
  1. Con a person out of their goods, either with a clearly bad deal or via deception
  2. Steal from an unsuspecting person without getting caught in the process

Le Forain

focus on the performing caravan must be a member of the caravan. Caravan threads count for this focus, any type of caravan member.
  1. Encourage another member in joining the caravan
  2. Practice your skill for the caravan
  3. Participate in an active caravan outside of the Court

Want something else?

Do you not like the specializations that you see here? Contact the leadership and discuss the options for a custome specialization. All names and titles are expected to be in French to match the theme.

Example Titles
Baron le Chevalier
  • (low noble, warrior focus)
  • Duchessa le Savant
  • (high noble, scholarly focus)
  • Comte l’Agent
  • (middle noble, political/social focus)
  • Notes

    • Commoners may not obtain a specialization, but will retain them if they are demoted from the nobility. Serfs lose their specializations.
    • Council members may use their specialization titles or may forgo them. The Royal Court do not use specialization titles.
    • If you see any lingual errors to correct, please let us know. French is not our native language by any means.